UK Network coverage poll being done



The network coverage especially in the Uk is not always what it should be, in fact their were reported problems with 3G's new video calling phones and the coverage it was supposed to give, is far short of that experienced by users., is currently running a poll for all networks, at the end of which the results will be sent to each of the networks concerned, which will give the networks a direct input of what their customers view of the coverage they provide.

This is probably the first time it has been done especially in the uk, I have already voted and I would say to anyone that has a mobile vote and give your views on their network coverage. Anything that can help mobile phone users get better coverage and to able able to the networks our views will help. You can post comments as well, these will also be submitted (without names) to the networks. It is hoped that they will take notice and make announcements and improvements to their coverage for all concerned.

You can make a vote at

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