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UK most sexist country in the world ...


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Surely that should read 'sexiest .'

Toko Black

In Memoriam
UN: Britain's sexism more 'pervasive' than any other country - Telegraph

Wonder what colour the sky is or the words in the dictionary in her world.

In a way I agree with a lot of what she is saying, but for a completely different reason and as result and completely different conclusion.

We as human beings are sexual and sexualised - we are attracted to each other dependant on our particular orientations and behave in ways consciously or unconciously to attract the attention of the opposite sex (again dependant on orientation).
That means that often leads to conflicts of interest between being taken seriously as a person in your own right and being of a particular gender and attracting the attention of those who find you attractive.

We also do tend to be sexist so to speak in the fact that men have a tendancy to feel men are better than women and women tend to think they are better than men .... born from the fact that if you are a man or a women, you focus on your own particular attributes and qualities in terms of self valuation.

However, the fact that we can dress provacatively and have these social conflicts is in a large part down to the fact that we do not live in a strictly controlled society where gender roles are enforced by laws and culture to the point of not treating a womans testimony in court as equal to a mans.
We buy sanitary products instead of packing off all the women to isolated camps during their time of the month.
We allow adults to drive regardless of gender and don't stone women to death for being raped or going out unaccompanied by a male family member.


Typical woman. Always moaning.


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Ha, the UN and therein lies the punchline...


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She was born in Sudan and brought up in Saudi Arabia?
And Jeremy Paxman in Newsnight asked a question then took time to listen to the answer.


Interestingly she hasn't seen everything that people are complaining about but she has been told about them.

I think the British are probably sexist,

though at least not in an arranged marriage, gang-raped on a bus, honour-killing, FGM, kind of way.

Looks like she's a double bagger as well. Perhaps upset that most blokes go for the conventionally beautiful?

The UN seems to be busy criticising the UK a lot recently.

'Shocking' bedroom tax should be axed, says UN investigator | Society | The Guardian

Can't we send them all off to a few other places on the planet?


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Since when was UK/Britain a country? :confused:


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Discussed in Delingpole's latest podcast ...
James of "Thrones" | Ricochet

This week, James is joined by noted Game of Thrones expert and Spectator columnist Ed West. First, is Britain the world’s most sexist country? A Radio Free Delingpole investigation. Then, James and Ed do a deep dive on Thrones. This one is for GoT devotees only — and contains many, MANY spoiler alerts. Consider yourself warned. Then, get Ed West’s e-book The Realm: The True History Behind Game of Thrones. Even though it just ended, Winter is coming.


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Why change PMQs, it's just about the only time of the week anyone is remotely bothered about political discourse in this country, even if it is crap yar-booing. At least its engaging.


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