UK media integration with Kinect?

XBox One can do the following

  • select saved recordings from PVR

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I'm lazy/busy, so sorry if already covered...

So just wondering the current state of kinect integration with UK media?

ie: Can i get full voice control via kinect to:
1 - turn on TV (Sony Bravia)
2 - turn on amp (Samsung soundbar)
3 - turn on PVR (Humax)
4 - control volume
5 - change channels (digital freeview from TV and/or PVR)
6 - select saved recordings from PVR
7 - voice-recognition rate > 95%

Any responses/votes appreciated :love:


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Without having tried it with your specific hardware im gonna say it's probably a yes to all except 6 & 7


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As I understand it once the June update for UK TV happens it is a yes to all but 6. The voice recognition rate for me, with my setup was pretty much flawless. YMMV.


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I don't suppose there's a recommended YouTube video showing UK integration? (preferably with Freeview, not Sky)
I had a little search, but most seem months old...


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I really like Kinect integration with my equipment and when watching stuff on my Xbox One.

Voice works for me, the only thing I have found is that when turning on my Xbox One with the command "Xbox On" I have to speak up slightly louder than my normal speaking voice (I'm not shouting or anything).

I have a Humax Foxsat PVR (Freesat) and the Xbox One works with that. The PVR I have doesn't support HDMI CEC (or whatever it is that allows for split On and Off functions) so the individual On and Off functions don't work but the Toggle (on or off) command does. I can also switch channels with my voice and it works well with Smart Glass.

I don't have a Samsung Soundbar/Amp but I do have an Onkyo AV Receiver and it works well with that. I can send individual On and Off commands when my console starts up or turns off so if the AV receiver is already on when my console turns on it stays on and if it's off when I start up my console it starts up. However it doesn't switch to the correct input when I start up my Xbox One (my PS4 seems to be able to turn on my AV Receiver and switch to the correct input so hopefully MS can add that in sometime in the future). The volume control through the AV Receiver works well too, I have it set to step the volume up/down by 2 and it's great not needing a remote for that.

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