UK Gold picture breakup


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I have recently experienced picture breakup on the UK TV channels...all other channels are OK.
I have noticed that the signal strength is less than 50% on input 1 but around 60% on input 2.
Swapping the cables around did not change these figure surprisingly.
Anyone had similar experiences or know how to fix.


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I have same problem,but only 10% on input 1 and 60% on input 2,(hence more dodgy channels than Rostron),although the lock on both are ok, and also can't understand why swapping cable inputs doesn't swap the signal strenth? can it be the box? (amstrad).
can anyone help us ?


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Signal strength is merely a rough indication, used for comparison purposes when aligning the dish. Signal quality is what matters.

"UK" satellite TV channels are susceptible to interference from wireless systems. Try switching off (at the wall) any DECT phone, wireless network etc. If that doesn't help, see what your neighbour has that might be interfering.


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2 days googling lead me back here...
same these guys...
my sky+ box, when watching the uk** tv channels keeps switching the scart control to the effect becomes almost switching itself on and off every 5-8 seconds...
what its doing is going from scart input to tv aerial input on the tv...
its not the tv causing this, cause its the same on a crt portable..

rang sky..they did they whole..switch off 2 mins reboot etc...
which seemed to work..for 1/2 hour !!

i can get round it by turning the scart control to 'off'..but this doesn suit my set up...and makes the pcture from sky box very dull !!

thanks for any advice in advance...

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