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UK Gets Blu-Ray Discs in PS3 Mag


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just got this months issue of playstation offical mag, and inside it says starting next issue dated 2may the mag will come with a blu-ray disc with demos, doesnt say which demos and doesnt say what this price is going to be considering mag at moment without a disc is £4.99.


If you've got an internet connection, why not just download the demos from the PS store?

(unless of course the magazine has exclusive demos - but if Sony's trying to push people online then it would make more sense for them to put the demos where everyone could get at them...)


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"Here in the US, the Official PlayStation Magazine died an ugly little death, but it lives on in the UK, and starting with issue 7 (available June 1), each issue will come packed with a Blu-ray disc. The discs will offer the expected playable demos, but will apparently also have some user-created content further down the line. Expect hi-def movie and game trailers, too.

I, for one, am totally bummed that we're not getting this. I realize that it's a bit silly to lament the loss of demo discs when so much content is available for download these days, but it was something I always looked forward to in each issue, even though the demos at the end of OPM's life were leaning a bit toward the lame side. Am I the only one who wishes we had an OPM (with demo discs) of our own?

Oh, the official wording follows, by the way."

"Future, the UK's leading games media publisher, is delighted to announce that, in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), Official PlayStation® Magazine will carry the world's first monthly playable Blu-ray covermount from June onwards.

The first playable Blu-ray disc comes with issue 7 of Official PlayStation Magazine, on sale Friday, 1st June. The disc promises to be packed with playable demos of key SCEE and third party software titles, with full details of content being announced shortly.

As the disc develops, Future fully intends to support the advanced capabilities of the PlayStation® 3 (PS3) and the Blu-ray media, delivering multimedia content and unique user-generated content. The disc will also include Hi-Definition (HD) game and movie trailers. Official PlayStation Magazine will be the ONLY title to offer gamers a playable demo disc, direct from SCEE.

Ray Maguire, Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment UK (SCE UK) said:

"We are very excited to partner with Future to offer a playable Blu-ray disc to UK PlayStation 3 owners. The high capacity of Blu-ray media is the perfect method to distribute large volumes of unique existing, and user-generated content in HD, showcasing PS3's multimedia capabilities to the full. Combined with the PlayStation Network Store, we're offering a content distribution channel unmatched anywhere else in the industry. Furthermore, it also marks another key development in the pioneering relationship between SCEE and Future, which began in 1995.

Publisher of Official PlayStation Magazine, Matt Pierce added:

"We are delighted that Official PlayStation Magazine will deliver to its readers a monthly playable disc, and the world's first covermounted Blu-ray disc. Future has worked closely with Sony since 1995 to offer playable demo discs for PlayStation, PlayStation®2 (PS2) and PlayStation Portable (PSPT), and we will be working hard to ensure gamers get the very best content for their PS3 as well"

Issue 7 of Official PlayStation Magazine - with the world's first covermounted Blu-ray disc, hits stores on Friday, 1st June, priced £5.99.



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So does that mean i can finally see some different demos on my JPN version as i cannot use the PAL dvd that come at the moment?


i dunno, the disc may be region locked, unless its a game.

don't you mean april? this months mag hasn't come yet! (actually, i think it has...)

im glad we get the demo disc! yay! i love demo's!


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What a waste of a Blu-Ray, they way as well just use DVD's
What a waste of a Blu-Ray, they way as well just use DVD's

exactly. How many demos and videos can you download from the ps store and still not go over the storage space of a dvd.


they're exclusive demo's, and there's no priice hike either! £4.99's a bargain! but its cheaper to subscribe.


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The only way I am going to buy a magazine with Blu-Ray is if it offers a good amount of exclusive demos, videos and other stuff, which the online store is not offering, that and some great articles or exclusive news before it gets online.


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I enjoy OPSM, I got the first "limited edition!" issue and it was very interesting to read, it basically convinced me to get one on launch day as initially I was going to wait.


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Im sure it says in this months mag its going to be £5.99 so there is a price hike by £1. Im not too bothered ill buy it first time to see if they make use of the space of just stick useless demos already on the psn and videos already on the psn. If they do that then i wont be buying said mag the following month.

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