UK/EU Laws?- cancel contract early free of charge?


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Hi guys,
I'm just wondering if there is any laws I can fall back onto when cancelling my contract early? Obviously with good reason!

I'm currently on three mobile and took out a contract about 4 months ago (under my mums name)
Just before that I was on three as well but under my Dad's name.
I know three wasn't the best around this area (Chester) but its got worse. I'm not receiving any signal in the house and outside get only 2 bars TOPS and that's mostly without 3G. Took a month once to send a picture message, and I did have signal. So it's very ridiculous.
Obviously I'm willing to send my phone back but I don't want to continue paying for something I'm not receiving. We phoned them and they said on several occasions a signal mast will be put up shortly (Jan 2011) in stead now it got even worse and they can't tell us anything about when its getting put up.

And obviously I don't want to pay £200+ for early cancelling because the reason I am cancelling is because their not giving me I'm paying for.

A lot of people got out for free because of that but because I'm 4 months into the contract they tell me that "I'm still on my trial period, which ends after 12 months" So im suppose to pay 8 more months of £35 for nothing?

Please help me get around this without them being able to refuse it, if possible.

Thanks in advance



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You will not be able to cancel your contract but I have found most most networks are quite happy to drop your monthly line rental amount down to something less if you are not getting any service.

and then give it a few month and pay it off at the lower rate.

Or your only other option is to sell the phone and pay it off with what you get for it.

Or If you plan on getting another contract your the other way might be to see if you can get some where like Phones4you to give you some sort of cash back deal that would cover most of what you have to pay, but that would mean that you would have to pay more monthly for a phone that would not be the latest and greatest.

Also 3s contracts are bullet proof when you sign your contract you sign that you have used the coverage checker to check that you can at least get 2g


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no that's incorrect, I've been browsing and found results my self in fact canceled 2 contracts for free today, one being 4months old.

first off three only provide 3g signal. it won't work on a non 3g supporting phone

if you go to direct gov and search around a bit you'll get the info, obviously i had a valid reason. no signal which was supported by my last bills (no usage)

they will offer you a deduction but if you accept that you decline the right to cancel, now they are often sneaky and don't tell you that as the other contract had a deduction and got told i can't cancel but using the right wording and mentioning ombudsman and they canceled it right there and then

also stay calm and go trough their procedures. the guy you'll phone up simply can't do anything so explain calmly without threatening about laws and he'll send you on your way saving time and stress. i do need to send back my phones but worth it.
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