UK Android devices showing Greek text and Euro prices


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For at least a week now, all Android devices in the house are displaying Greek ads and text and Euro prices instead of GBP in apps and the Play store and Greek ads in front of YouTube videos.

I've never had this before and no settings have been changed. I can't seem to find anything on Google about it.

Has anybody else experienced anything like this before?


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I may have fixed it.

I deleted the Google Play Services data and Google Play Store cache for good measure and the Play Store is back to all English text and GBP prices.

Will see if I get more Greek ads or not in YouTube as and when I use it again.


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Is this on one device or on all (mobile) devices connected to the same access point (wifi)?
If all devices are exhibiting a different localization at the same time, one theory is that your ISP has reused an IP address that was previously assigned in a different area, and Google hasn't yet updated their location services to reflect that.


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It's three Android phones and a tablet.

I checked my WAN IP and it identifies it as a UK address.

The issue is also present when using my phone's mobile data, so I'm thinking it's an issue at Google's end.

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