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UK 1080i/p CRT rear projection TVs?

Discussion in 'TVs' started by camtheman, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. camtheman

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    Mar 18, 2003
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    I wasn't sure whether to post this message in the HDTV forum or here. I picked here coz I guess all the CRT experts reside in this forum.
    My question is which CRT rear-projection TV's sold in the UK are capable of resolving near 1080i/p resolution? Are any sold at all? I read somewhere the CRT modules inside a RP need to be 9" for 1080 res. If no RPs are sold in this country that are capable because of demand, would I have to import a HD RP tv from abroad? Not likely as the weight of a CRT RP is the worst of just about anything except for Barco CRT front projectors. Or so I've heard.
    Before anybody says go for a DLP RP i've got several reasons why I want a CRT RP. Firstly price, a HDTV CRT RP is the cheapest way to get a big enough picture that's near 1080 res - all other technologies are way too expensive for me. I don't mind adjusting and tweaking the set every few weeks so that's a hassle I can live with. I also don't mind about the weight of the TV, that's something I'll accept in exchange for 1080 resolution.
    I'll probably upgrade to a xHD3 DLP TV when they're released and the price comes down, but for now can anyone shed any light on my questions? Does anyone in here actually own a HD capable CRT rear projector?

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