UHF digital tv + CCTV + sky rf2 joiner? Help required please!!


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Hello all,

Got a problem I hope you can all help with. I need to combine two tv arieal signals.

At the moment I have my tv arieal and CCTV going to a 6 way splitter in the roof.

This gives me digital tv and the CCTV on all TVs in the house. The CCTV DVR goes through an rf modulator and the arieal also passes through this.

Now my issue is I have one cable that runs to the front room where I have sky hd. What I want to do is join the rf2 out to that cable and then in the roof join it in with everything else.

At the moment I can only have one or the other and the rf modulator doesn't like the rf2 being passed through it, I guess that's the 9v causing the problem.

I bought a £1.59 splitter today hoping it would also work in the opposite direction but it sort of did but not really as the sound was like robots (odd) and picture not great!

I would be over the moon if someone could help!!!



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Ok just a little update. My rf modulator has VHF frequencies so set that up and now have the CCTV going into the VHF input on the splitter so now just need a way to join the tv arieal and sky rf 2. :)
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