UHF cable continuity weirdness?? opinion needed pls

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by adj1, Jan 9, 2005.

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    Hi people. hoping someone can share some light on my confusion.

    Ive been rigging up my Toshiba 36 zp with dvd vcr & sky.
    In addition to this i connect a UHF aerial.
    I understand (pls correct if i am wrong) that the center core & outside braiding on UHF cables are independant of each other.

    Why when i connect my voltmeter across the centre core & braiding do i get continuty only after it comes out of a splitter on tv?

    From my aerial they cable comes into sky- (cable checked ok)
    from sky into VCR (cable checked ok)
    from vcr into 3 way spliter (cable checked ok)
    3 way splitter direct into telly
    cable from other terminal on 3 way splitter back to loft booster & then distributed into other rooms.

    The cable that comes from splitter to booster is only 1m & i have tested this disconnected ok. however when connected into the 3way splitter the continuity across the center core and braiding is breached????????

    I have replaced the 3 way splitter but the same happens. If i disconnect this from tv then there is no continuity..strange.

    Is this normal? if it is i just waisted about 3 hours checking all my connections-cable...... :laugh:

    Thank you.
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    The bottom line is "Does it work ?"

    You can get continuity across some devices in an aerial system, and it may not indicate a fault. As long as the cables are not short when they are not connected, there probably isn't a problem.

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