Bargain UHD 4K Disc Price Drop Post Alerts Only (Ask Any Questions In Chit Chat Thread).


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New Charlie’s Angels only €13.99 at Amazon Spain (Preorder)


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76 titles in a 3 for £30 offer at Zavvi.

EDIT: It did have Black Hawk Down, which I had in my basket but the discount wasn't applying. Seems it must have been included in error as it's been removed and other titles are working. Typical, there were only three titles included that I wanted and didn't already have, Black Hawk Down being one of them!
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Quite a few 4K blu-rays currently at £9.99 on Amazon:

The Meg
Ghost In the Shell
The Lego Movie
The Lego Movie: the second part
The First Purge
The Legend of Tarzan
Mortal Engines
Terminator Genisys
King Arthur


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Some more cheap 4K blu-rays on Amazon currently at these prices:

At £9.99:
Dracula (also at Zoom.co.uk)
Fury (also at Zoom.co.uk)
Despicable Me (also at Zoom.co.uk)
Ocean’s 8
The Lego Ninjago Movie

Transformers The Last Knight @ £9.88
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My last post got deleted for some reason,

The Meg is now 13.99 on Amazon.

Good price.


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golden phoenix

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if you don't mind waiting 2 or 3 weeks, and possible paying import fees (obviously dependant on how much you spend..JB-hifi in Australia have a buy 2 get 1 free deal going including all the new star wars 4k single release..i've just bought 3 rogue ones all £14.75 each (other than rise of skywalker which is $39.98 Australian dollars - plus shipping but you can claim GST back

brilliant deal - as the uk haven't announced the single releases yet and its still cheaper to import add about 20% for total for import fees for anything over the initial $30 dollars..but you all know that right!?



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Jack Reacher Never go back £6.99 Amazon

XXX £5.99:



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