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    I need someones help please!

    I went to order cables to link my system together off a website but it actually ocurred to me that I dont know what I need or what its properly called so can some one please help?

    I have a Yahama RXV350 amp, Canton CD1 speaker set, dvd player, a freeview box, a xbox and a game cube.

    My TV has 2 scart sockets, the red/white/yellow inputs and a s video input.

    I figure I need a sub cable for the sub, speaker cable for the centre and sats, an optical cable to link the dvd player to the amp, another optical cable to link the xbox advanced scart to the amp and thats all I can work out.

    I really need to know what I have to buy and how I link it together! Also I can see how most things link to the amp but how do I actually get picture to the tv?

    Im so confused!

    If someone could help Id really appreciate it!


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