Uh oh, I'm thinking about water cooling ...


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So, with my current setup the plan was always to, whenever I had the money, go fairly mental with it. I've decided now to take my time with it and advance along nicely. The starting setup was i7 950, ati 6970, 6gb ram, 2 x 64gb ssd & 1tb hdd .... you get the picture.

Anyway, I've got a bit of money at the moment so have decided I want to take the next step, and go all watery. I know very little about water cooling and have only done a small bit of research. As far as I can tell the bones of it are a radiator, pump, reservoir and some tubes, along with the plates or whatever for the cpu & gpu. Am I right?

Currently I have an antec 300 which I am growing a small bit tired of, the general look more than anything, and recently browsing some pc sites, as you do, I stumbled upon the nzxt phantom .... which is basically my dream case. It's also huge which should help with the whole water cooling thing. So I'll be getting one of those soon.

I'm wondering about a couple of things before I look into parts. Firstly, I presume the radiator will be placed at the top of the case as I've seen in the few builds I've looked at? I don't understand radiators really so I'm wondering where the fans attached to the radiator go and which way will they be blowing. So, between the radiator and the top of the case blowing into the case, out of the case or below the radiator blowing up into the radiator, or blowing down into the case? Whichever way this ends up, will I still be able to have the top fans in the nzxt phantom, 2 x 200mm fans? This pic leads me to believe I can, but I'm not sure.

From what I've seen the reservoir takes up a vacant drive space or three. Where does the pump go, as I guess that is the missing piece?

That's all for now, cheers for any replies I get, I'm sure I'll be back with more questions!
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Cheers man. Reading through some of that stuff now.

Seemingly the NZXT Phantom will only fit a 240 rad not a 360 rad and that is fairly required for water cooling of both cpu and gpu, which is what I'm after. So is it really required to have a 360 rad? If so I have to look at other, more expensive cases ... like the 700d.


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awesome andrew!

gonna take me about a year to read through this stuff but get more excited with every article haha!


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If your watercooling both and have the money, why not have 2 loops? One for CPU and one for GPU
Or at least two rads as you do not want the heat of either being passed into another.

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