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Looking for a right minger of a sub becuase I assume it will be cheaper than the catwalk versions and where it is going will be hidden anyway.

So over and above it being pig ugly - my spec is:

Sounds great.
As low a range as possible.
Cheap as chips.

Not a lot too ask is it?



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A budget would really help. One man's bargain is another man's right arm.

Also, what you pairin it with?


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Good point.

Pairing with my trusted Pioneer VSX 709 (ok so it is an antique - but it blows the pants off anything else I have ever heard and also it will be working with 4 small JBL's.

I have around £150 to spend before I need to consider selling my right arm.

Cheers guys!

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Bah! Boom! Snake! Snake!

SVS PB-10 and 12 have auto on, are butt ugly and cheap for their performance. However, it may be easier to hide the cupboard in them.



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In which case, I suggest eBay or

Plenty of older RELs goin for under £150, such a Q100s, Strata I/II etc etc. All are belting subs.

I know you'll get the BK and SVS fanboys on here (of which I am proudly one) ranting on, but REL are really competent subs only recently being beaten on new price. 2nd hand, they are good value as they are sufficiently well built to last more than one user.


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Preciate the advice guys.

I'm not proud - used and abused will do for me - as long as it sounds good.

Cheers! :)


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Use both arms and go for a SVS PB10 or whatever it's called now :smashin:

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