UEFA - haven't got a clue, have they?


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From someone who has been at 4 CL finals in nice countries like France, Germany, Scotland and Holland, it is with great sadness that I read all the horror stories that the genuine football fans are facing trying to get to Moscow, and then afford everything when they get there.

And remember that the other recent finals have been Turkey and Greece too, not exactly very central.

It has got me thinking so much that UEFA couldn't give a toss about football fans. They care only for the money now and the sponsors. Platini will not have to worry about the cost of hotel rooms in Moscow, cos he will be in the best hotel in town, being fed with free food and being driven from there to the match and back.

I have seen this all 1st hand everytime I was at a final. Our hotels were full of 'suits', many of whom you could tell had no interest in football, but were only there because they were all expenses paid. With Ford people carriers outside all the hotels taking them wherever they wanted to go. Very sad.

And now Platini was making so much fuss about how the Russians waivered the need for Visas - surely he should have had that sorted months ago or else told the Russian FA/Gov that the game would be moved elsewhere.

Its time that the traditional footballing nations (such as England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Holland etc) were continually given the CL Finals. It is much easier for fans to get cheap flights to these countries. If UEFA cared at all then they would make this happen from now on.


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Its not just about money though is it.

Its all politics these days and appeasment.


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amusingly england lost the 2010 final because they didnt sort out tax breaks for the players 'in time' but theyve been given the 2011 one instead.. yet it's a week away from the 2008 final and the visa stuff has only just been sorted out..

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