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Having some issues with my Samsung tv and hoping I can get some suggestions/assistance on how to fix this - as when it works its a really nice picture

a couple of days ago I had ps4 (hdmi 2), Xbox (hdmi 3) and Android box (HDMI 1) connected and a Sonos beam on HDMI 4 (ARC)

this has worked fine for a few weeks without any issues

I then decided to upgrade my android box to an Nvidia shield TV I simply disconnected the android box and then reconnected the Nvidia box and this worked fine for an hour, I then tried to use Netflix and Amazon Prime on the Nvidia box and all I got was HDCP errors, so i started adjusting settings after googling to try and see if i could fix it, as no shows work on the Nvidia shield with this TV.

so I then tried to get this to work by trying different HDMI leads and in different ports, now I can not get any device to connect via HDMI - not even the ones which worked before

I have disconnected the tv from power and removed all HDMI devices - only one connect attached and network) for 30 mins and reconnected HDMI ports and the TV does not recognise any device
regardless of the port, I plug it into

Then I proceeded to reset the tv and still no joy - all devices connected on the restart and the TV said no signal/not connected on all HDMI ports

I then disconnect all devices and pulled power out for 6 hours overnight and still no joy no devices show up when plugged into the TV - I haven't adjusted any of the settings on the PS4, XBOX they just won't show.

It's frustrating and annoying that it won't work as intended and I have to treat it with kid gloves to get it to work

all the devices regardless of cable work fine on an old syncmaster 933hd monitor

The one connect box will be the 3rd time it will be replaced in 2 years if it needs to be done again if I can't figure out what is causing the problem - I have a 5 year warranty with JL on this.

So I am looking for ideas/suggestions on how I can get the devices to talk to each other properly without a lot of fuss.

any ideas suggestions would be greatly appreciated

also forgot on software version - 1231
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