UE40MU6400 Can I passthrough Xbox SX HDMI audio to old Denon avr via spdif?


Hi folks,
As I don't sue my Denon AVR for video anymore as it's not 4k I simply connected Xbox one direct to TV via HDMI and then connected spdif to the Denon AVR.
With Xbox Series X there's no Optical out. Is it possible to simply connect TV spdif to Denon AVR and get 5.1?


Xbox SX –> HDMi –> UE40MU6400
UE40MU6400 –>Spdif –> Denon AVR

I know I can get a splitter but wondering if this might work instead?

Your help always very much appreciated!


Hmm, I think I answered some of my own Question :) Seems to work but only offering me options for PCM, Dolby Digital or DTS Neo 25. DTS is greyed out.

I'll see what happens when I reboot everything


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PCM = stereo
Dolby = Dolby 5.1
DTS Neo 25 = stereo upmix to 5.1

if you get audio lag with Dolby switch to PCM.


Ok figured it out. It does seem to work. The Xbox series x needed to be set to DTS. Now the Avr is receiving dts. Happy days

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