Question UE40MU6175UXXC -> Fileshare Media player?


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Anyone can tip me of an app that can be installed (seems there are many limitations) and that I could use to browse media files on my fileshare (via wifi) and play on the tellie?

I am aware of the availabilti of Plex, but if that is streaming, not interested. File > Open.


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I'm guessing what you mean is can the TV read network shared folders ?

The answer is no as that requires a SMB client/browser built into the TV, Samsung TV's only support DLNA a streaming system of which Plex & others use.

You can make DLNA look like a file system, download and install Serviio on computer and follow these instructions in Serviio control panel under the presentation tab.
* set audio top level to disable (that auto disables all sub entries)
* set image top level to disable
* set video top level to display content only, set folders to display content only and all other sub entries to disable
* untick the box for "include parents title..." at the end

Now when you browse via DLNA media player on the TV it will look like the folder layout of the folders you added into Serviio as media library sources.

That's the best you can do.


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Hi Next010, thanks for answering. I use a Samsung Tablet (Android) with BSPlayer (sadly not the most stable but it runs) and that works nicely, so somewhere I thought I might be able to do something similar on the TV, but, alas, it seems like no. Maybe I just picked the wrong TV, but I was not looking for anything high end, just up to modern standards and 4K.

I see Serviio comes as an App for later versions of my NAS (AsusStor) but is not available for this one in the local app library so I will have to look in to a manual installation or another dlna server thing so I am looking in to that before trying it out on my home server. My NAS has a intel Atom 2.13 GHZ CPU and 3GB DDR3 RAM (upgraded).

On the other hand my server is a dual CPU Opteron with 2x4 Cores at 2.2GHz and 32GB DDR3,at 2200MHz so there is a bit of a difference in regards to performance... :)

There is something developed by Asustor called UPnP Media Server v2. Going to try that one out meanwhile. Runs on Java and I do not like Java, but well, we'll see.

Still not what I was looking for, but maybe good enough.


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Serviio should run on the AS606T, I have an old AS204T and it runs fine of that, Serviiio is the beta section of the Asus app central but you can manually download it from either the Asus website or forums too. Serviio does require Java & maybe FFmpeg to be installed which are also in the app central.

The stock Asus UPnP media server is file/folder based just has an extra layer at the top before you get to the shared folders. MiniDLNA also offers basic file/folders I think, it has been a while, it's their too.

Emby is also present for Asustor and like Serviio can be made to offer folder browsing by created media category and call it mixed content instead of TV/Movies/Music etc. However Emby requires Mono and Xorg installed on Asustor NAS and Xorg is only available for certain models in app central so if you don't have it Emby wont run.

If adding media from Serviio or Emby your files will be under volume1 when browsing the NAS file system.


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What surprises me is that I am not able to search for a dlna server on the television, despite a connection managaer, device manager and Wifi with Youtube and internet access.

I have to go via App, hence Plex, I have made a test with Plex, but its just to much hassle with logins and stuff. I will get the apk for Serviio and install it during the weekend. Maybe it is the same hassle, but I can test it.


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Chatted with Samsung and they claim their app SmartView should have support for DLNA. Going to give that a try.

Sloppy Bob

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The problem you'll have is even if you got it working you'll probably soon run into issues with file formats, video and audio codecs etc.

TV's, NAS's, DVD players etc all make poor streamers (I know you don't want to stream) in comparison to a separate device that will play anything you can throw at it.

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