UE40B8000XW - Good Buy or i am making a terrible mistake!


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I have been doing some research, head scratching & generally getting confused in upgrading my current 720 HD LCDTV

The budget i have allocated for this is £1200-£1300
I 'believe' i need 200MHZ (sports) max. Panel Size 42inch (due to space restrictions) & connected to a SkyHD & BDVIT1000

I was going down the road of a UE40B8000XW – I noticed there have been various opinions relating to the LED argument – I have no problem with any additional pre-con-fig to get the desired picture set-up (as long as some kind / generous person can send the calibration data)



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it's not fair to say wether this set is "good or bad", it really depends on what an individual wants out of this set and more importantly.. what will be connected to the set. to some, this may be the best tv they have ever witnessed yet others may avoid it.
the LG42LH5000 could be had for around £700 and you also have the Z series Sony LCD range, these sit near the £1k mark.


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With a budget of £1,200, you have the choice of the vast majority of the 40/42" sets out there.

I have a Samsung 7020, which is the model below the 8000 with the only significant difference being 100hz instead of 200hz processing.

I really like the TV - I am not 100% convinced by the motion handling, although I am still playing with the settings. I am very impressed by the other aspects of this set, and I certainly don't think that you would be making a terrible mistake by buying one.

However, you must remember that you are paying a premium for the slim size and the new technology. If you have the space and are not wall mounting, something like the Panasonic 42G10 plasma (or Sony 40W5500 if you prefer LCD) is available for significantly less money, and will do everything as well as the Samsung even if they don't look as good when switched off!

Good luck with your choice.


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I would say, plasmas v10, samsung b750, LG SL8000, sony z5500.

I am not a fan of the BX000 series, they have over saturated color and they are over priced imo + bad sound quality.

if u want an LED get a local dimming one.

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