UD-M30: CD Tray Not Ejecting



I have been around other forums and the general consensus is that this is a fairly common fault, but I haven't gotten any closer to solving it, so I'm trying here. My system is well out of warranty and really owes me nothing, but the M35 doesn't look very nice compared to the M30, so I'm trying to avoid buying another one :p. Oh, also it would cost money, whereas fixing this wouldn't (or would cost less).

The symptoms of this problem are that when I press the eject button on the front panel in CD mode, "Open" appears on the display, stays there for a few seconds, and then goes back to showing "00 00:00", my deduction of this is that the player thinks the tray has been ejected and then closed, and is going through the motions of reading a new cd.

If I unclip the front panel, I can spin the tray open manually, and CDs will play. I'm assuming this means the drawer assembly and CD playback components are 100% working, as there is no manual resistance on the drive tray - I can't hear an attempt made to open the tray when the eject button is pushed - so this fault is one of the expensive electronic types which can't be solved by brute force / duct tape ;).

Does anyone know what causes this and if it's fixable?


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