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Good Morning all, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to be posting in, so I hope that no one gets the hump with my post.
Last year I turned an ASUS EEEbox AS B202 into a 17" digital picture frame, pictures hopefully below. I would like to add a second monitor to this but in portrait mode, so I guess there are two questions here, the first is, does anyone know if the DVI can be split into two VGA ports and display separate images, and the second is it possible to rotate on of the displays, and have the software run on both screens simultaneously? I hope someone can help. Thanks.


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Only DisplayPort offers the ability to drive multiple screens from one output. The only option for DVI are devices that present multiple screens as one larger one with their combined resolution such as Matrox's DualHead2Go.

A better option might be an external graphics card, USB ones are widely available (also known as adapters, converters etc.). They can be a little sluggish, but for an slideshow that shouldn't be a problem.

The software question will depend on what software you're using. Software can be run in multiple copies and be monitor specific generally but it requires support from the particular program.


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I have a usb vga adaptor, (startech) and for the slideshow I am using feh -hide-pointer-qrzZFD60 /folder

any help here would be great. Thanks!!

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