U230 or 1201N or something else ?


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Ok, I’ll admit I'm stumped.

I'm looking for a netbook/laptop/notebook. I currently have a gaming pc but want something to use about that house or in my office when I just want to use the internet without having to use a pc with a pair of 5850's in it using lord knows how much power just to browse the web.

I don't need bling and trinketery, don’t need HDMI, wireless, bluetooth, webcams. I don't care about looks, size, weight, battery life etc.

As long as It can be used for general internet use with lots and lots of tabs open, watching tv/movies from youtube / iplayer etc. Would be nice if it could handle light photograph editing and frontpage or other wysiwyg web editing so can use for ebay buying / selling. And would like something capable of running old games and browser based java / flash games.

Must have 3 USB ports, VGA or DVI output with a 12" non glossy or bigger screen and as near as a proper keyboard as I have somewhat large clumsy hands and ofc some form of dedicated graphics.

From my 3 days of reading forums posts and reading reviews I've come up with 2 machines thus far the U230 ( the newer model with HD3200, I think the older model had a x1250 gpu ) and the 1201N.

A sort of 2 fold question from these reviews am I thinking the MSI Wind12 U230 is the better option for what I want and/or does anyone have a better or alternative solution for around £400 ?

AnandTech: ASUS Eee PC 1201N: Dual-Core Atom + ION FTW?
Asus Ion-Powered Eee PC 1201N Review - HotHardware
HEXUS.net - Review :: MSI Wind 12 U230: AMD Congo takes the fight to Intel CULV : Page - 1/9

Many Thanks


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Not sure you really need a gaming gpu in there...

maybe better off with something with more horse power in the cpu..

asus UL30a
acer 1810tz

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