U.S XBox with U.K pal games?



Depends on the game. I assume you mean progressive scan.

Xbox games are region encoded through software so some games can be played over other regions.


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Yes Elitedono, progressive scan (480p - 720p) is what I'm after. I've looked back at the previous posts about modded U.K XBoxes etc. etc. but can't seem to find a definitive answer to my question.

Does anybody know which games (if any) will work on a U.S XBox.

Thanks, Wireman.

Omega Prime

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Yep... well I have a US xbox and I have Mech Assult, Unreal Championship and Rainbow Six 3 (Pal versions) and they run ok. I know there are a few more games that are not region encoded but I can't remember. Sorry.


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Thanks for your input. I think I'll get it anyway and import some games from the U.S, especially as the exchange rate is so good at the moment. Now to find a good reliable company to imprt from.

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