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Reviewed by Imran Butt, 28th September 2009
Mike Tyson will surely go down as one of the Greatest Heavyweight Boxing Champions. He became the youngest ever champion at the age of 20 in 1986 when he destroyed Trevor Berbick within two rounds. Following on from that, he then became the undisputed champion as well as one of the most feared boxers the world has ever seen.

'Tyson' the movie tries to address the man, the child and the boxer. It does so by providing a fascinating and quite unsuspecting insight into the mind of this once hugely talented boxer as well as the inner demons that have troubled him. This really is a sporting documentary unlike any other.

Mike Tyson’s prowess in the ring was one thing but the spoils of overnight success did not sit pretty with him. The slow attrition of negative events outside of the ring eventually brought him down and cut short what could and should have a been a far lengthier reign as champion. What we have here is a Mike Tyson that nobody knows or ever knew existed in a brutally tell it all interview. James Toback has simply sat him in front of the camera and just let the film roll. The ex-boxer then slowly but surely opens up and pours out his soul for all to see.

The blu-ray disc is supported by a competent audio and video presentation but it is not show case material. There is as you would expect a lot of stock boxing footage and not a lot can be done to make it look good. This does of course defeat the purpose of a high-def release somewhat but not completely; a lot of the movie is based in his house and the close-up presentation looks good for it. Unfortunately the extras could have been far better if they had revolved around the boxer himself rather than James Toback.

Nevertheless, Tyson is a fantastic movie and a must see film. Whether you loved him or loathed him you’ll be perplexed by the man on show here. I doubt that you’ll see another movie about a sportsman as well made or as fascinating as this one. Boxing fans will definitely want this in their collection but 'pound for pound' I would recommend this as one for all sporting fans to watch.

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