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Hi all i have just joined :clap: I normally hang around all day on 309ownersclub :hiya: :rolleyes:

I have just brought a house and before i decorate the front room i want a good amp and speakers.

I've got a 50" samsung not sure on the model number :rolleyes: a dell studio pc with blueray player and an xbox both running through HDMI to the TV.

I have probably got £150-£200 for the amp and don't mind if its second hand as long as its decent. I also like deep Bass :rolleyes: Not all the time but its a must for when i'm in the mood :arty: I'm not sure what to budget for speakers so advice on them would be gladly accepted. Are these any good? Jamo A 102 HCS

The room size is 3m x 5m.

I hope this makes sense and i'm not asking for the impossable but as you can tell i don't have a clue.

Thankyou in advance :thumbsup:
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The cheapest HD amps are around £250 (Onkyo 507) and you will want this to make the most of your bluray player. There are older amps that do audio over HDMI which may be able to be bought for slightly less than this second hand (look at sticky thread at top of this forum for list of older amps that have this feature).
The Jamo speakers you mention are pretty good but not a good match to the Sony/Onkyo HD amps. This is because both the speakers and amps are what is known as 'bright' (heavy on treble) so the sound could be too bright. A better match for these amps would be Tannoy (the FX 5.1 system is £150 and the SFX 5.1 system is £200). If you really like the Jamo speakers then they should be paired with either a Yamaha or Denon (Believe Yamaha do a budget HD amp for £250 with the Denon being just over £300- for 1610).


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I managed to get to richer sounds this morning :thumbsup: I got the pair for £400 :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

I won't get them till wednesday but i'm happy with that :D

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