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After waiting over a week for my new Oppo DVD player, it turns out my TV is incompatible with the bloody thing. I've got a Hyundai HPTD4201S which accepts 1280*720 from my PC so I assumed it would accept the upscaled signal from the Oppo. But no. For some reason my TV only sees the DVI in as a PC signal and displays it at that resolution. So when I turn it on I get 640*480 which looks crap. 520P starts halfway up the screen, 720P loses the bottom 3" of the screen and is covered in red dots and I haven't even bothered watching 1080i. Also when I try and watch a PAL disc with the TV set to PAL or AUTO it plays it half-off the left hand side! :mad:

Seems a bit queer that my TV accepts 1280*720 from the PC but not from the Oppo. I'm not missing something daft am I?


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I thought the 4201S was natively standard definition (852x480 in this case) whereas the variants ending in HR are the high def Hyundais? So if you send it a high def signal like 720, the plasma is having to downscale it anyway. The best picture should be a 480p signal from the Oppo. In what way does it look "crap"?

You might email Oppo and ask for their view.



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Hi Andrew,

In 480 the picture is grainy and not a patch on my Tosh 240E. I've been running my PC through the TV for months now in 1280*768 and whilst, from what I can gather, the TV is downscaling it to fit the 852*480 resolution, it still looks a million times better than my Tosh. I've just tried my PC with a resolution of 1280*720 and it displays just fine. So what I can't understand is the difference between a 1280*720 digital PC signal and a 1280*720 digital signal from the Oppo. I've emailed Oppo but in all fairness it's probably down to the low spec TV. Anybody wanna buy a 2 hr old Oppo?!

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