Tynemouth Pier


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A long time since I posted anything so thought I'd post a series that I shot this weekend at Tynemouth Pier with my new Sigma 10-20.








C+C Welcome and you can see bigger versions on my Flickr site(link below)




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Artistically very worthy.

Almost abstract like with your clever use of lines and curves

However I would understand if they were described as "cold" and very lonesome
Just a description mind, not a criticism
I Like the colours though and winder just how much PP you did to get them like this
How how you managed to avoid the "converging line" commonly found in UWA?
Thanks for sharing:smashin:


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A very nice set SAuchterlonie and some very nice colours and angles here.:thumbsup:


C+C Welcome and you can see bigger versions on my Flickr site(link below)



Do like this one, not using the best of screens at the moment

Just a couple of things.

Maybe clone out the boat left hand side.

Also I noticed some dust bunnies, one above the lighthouse, and there a couple in the sky on the left handside.

I do like the composition here and really like the bench.

Wouldn't mind seeing a nice B&W off this.

Cheers Holo:smashin::smashin:


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Hey Guys, thanks for the nice comments and crits.

Senu: Cheers fella, I try to get the photos as I remember them whilst shooting them hence it was pretty cold and windy that morning. I have gone towards the cooler side with the WB as that was what I felt suited them if you go to much the other way everything starts to be come too warm and looks more like a sunset.

As for PP, I've done very little to be honest, tweaked the tonal curve and played with the WB.

And I'm sorry I don't know what the "converging line" is in a UWA. This was the first outing with my new Sigma 10-20 and I've only been shooting around 10 months so I'm not up on all the tech talk:blush:

Holowlegs: Cheers mate, I was in two minds to whether I should take out the ship or not:)

I thought I got all the dust bunnies too, this one must have slipped through the net! I really need to get my sensor cleaned to be honest.

I might try a B&W just for you!

Cheers again guys.



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I try to get the photos as I remember them whilst shooting them hence it was pretty cold and windy that morning.

I think that's a very good approach; getting absolute fidelity to the colour isn't always the best approach, especially when handled as well you have. The compositions are lovely and clean with nice little details to set off against the symmetry. For this reason I like the distant boat.

There's some lovely stuff on your Flickr page which I've just had a quick look at. Some very sensitively lit portraits.
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A very nice set, good composition. I like them all.


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Thanks for all the comments.:thumbsup:

RyArt: Cheers for the great comments about my Flickr site.....I'm just working on my own website so hope to post that in the new couple of weeks, so keep an eye out mate!:smashin:

Viewing the photo as you remember it and the feelings it gave you is a different way of looking at the image and everyones should come out different.

biggallute: LOL....Just the luck og the draw fella...some times theres nothing at all, but you still have to get up and go! Just keep thinking of that lovely fried breakfast once your finished!:D



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Really nice Simon the colours and composition are fabulous, great stuff just can't pick a favourite.


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Thanks for the comments guys....I'm really pleased that so many people like them.


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