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Live in glasgow but want to tune my sky into tyne tees(itv) to catch the newcastle match tommorow night.

Can it be done.

Many Thanks

Derek Hughes
Yes, it can be done. I've got all the ITV regions programmed on my digibox. Can't remember off hand the frequencies though. Someone else may be able to help. If no one else answers, then I'll have a look and see what I can come up with.
Press Services, then press 4 twice to get to Add Channels. The screen will look similar to the one you use to get the Astra south beam. Using the remote control's down and left/right arrow keys as appropriate, change the settings as follows (type in the first 5 digits, ignoring the decimal point, and use the left/right arrows for the other elements

10.891 H 22 5/6
10.832 H 22 5/6
10.906 V 22 5/6

and for each setting, highlight Find Channels and press Select. Store each listed channel in turn by pressing the yellow button. A tick will appear against each selected channel. Finally press backup 3 times to return to the normal screen. From now on, to choose a region press Services then 6 (Other Channels). Highlight the region you want and press Select. This procedure has no effect on any other digibox settings and is therefore quite safe to experiment with.

Just to let you know the Newcastle match is not on Tyne Tees it is on the ITN NEWS Channel but only via cable not Sky.
How ****ed where we, we sat down for our dinner tonight and tuned into tyne tees and it was a bloody soap opera. Watched the first half of the MU match and just turned it on to sky sports news for the second half

You would think in this day and age that and with the amount of channels available they would show all of the matches live, any ways the "feyonord"(Spelling) game is on next week.

I am not a newcastle fan my boss is but they are allways good entertainment and when it comes to european matches club allegiance should be set aside to support all british clubs.

Anyways thanks for posting.
I was well ****ed off, in both ways!

First, my TV mag says that the Newcastle match is in Cable and Sky... and when i looked in the Sky listing it is nowhere so me mentioned!!!

And to top it all of we lost AGAIN! whets going on? 2nd from the bottom in the premiership.

But at lease i have now got Tyne Tees!! I used to live in South Shields and haven’t seen it in years!

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