TXP42G10B switch to TV not AV


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Ok so my uncle has a Panny TXP42G10B but its started switching to TV when he first turns on he has sky HD and I checked and the TV is set to start up on AV not TV but no matter what I do it switchs to tv which isnt the biggest deal accept he is in his 80,s has trouble with his fingers and struggles with tech:confused: so if anyone has any idea why this has started happening id appreciate you filling me in .:thumbsup:


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My 50vt30 does the same, cant seem to do anything about it. I hope someone can help us!


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I have the VT50 which is why I thought I could help cos the menu functions are basically the same so I went straight to it but it doesnt seem to hold which is annoying now that analogue is gone its just a fuzzy picture.
I did wonder if its forgetting its setting due to a knackered capacitor/battery has died inside cos you wouldnt really know if it is as he doesnt use freeview or freesat so if it forgot all the channels he wouldnt be able to tell.

Mark uk

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G10 settings are found by Menu/Setup/Other settings/Power on preference/Select TV or AV.
It only seems to work for scart connections on my TV and not for HDMI.
I never noticed this as I watch standard TV at switch on.


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I'm assuming the sky box is turned on before the tv is turned on, hdmi from sky box is connected to tv hdmi 1, and scart input is not connected to sky box?

niall campbell

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Yes if the tv doesnt notice a signal on the Sky channel , it wont auto switch

Go into sky box and switch off the power saving so its on all the time

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