[TX43HX580BZ] New TV Update & Privacy Settings - Impacting what I can do !!


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I’ve just installed the latest software update on my TX43HX580BZ and since then it stopping me accessing certain features due to my “privacy settings” .

The biggest issue is that I’m now unable to access the network settings at all, not without it prompting me to say that “This Operation is not allowed by Privacy Settings”.

I’ve tried various different privacy setting options, from ‘select all’, to having none selected at all. Plus I’ve also tried cycling the power on the TV - but nothing has worked.

To make it worse the TV is now showing ‘Not connected “ to the network, so I can’t use the streaming apps - yet it was fine before the update.

I can’t do anything to check the network settings due to that annoying privacy settings prompt blocking me !!

TV Model = TX43HX580BZ
Software version = V.

Please Note: Everything was fine before the software update today, this new privacy settings requirement is causing me a lot of issues.

Has anyone else experienced this ?

Yes I’m kicking myself taking the updated and I’ve also contacted Panasonic support; but have not heard anything back. Any help would be appreciated..


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“First Time Installation“ within the installation menu.
Page 19 of your user mannul.


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I think this is often caused by not accepting cookies and T&C's if anyone has this issue going forward.


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Having Privacy Settings set too high can also cause problems with apps. IIRC, I originally had mine set to 'High' and then had to change it to 'Low' in order to get iPlayer to work.


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In other words, if you want to be able to use the TV in the way that you expected after forking out a large chunk of money, you have to give us full access to all the data that we can collect about you and do stuff with it. If you don’t play by our rules, that nice new TV that you bought will be nothing more than a flat looking brick.

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