TX35R can a USB to Ethernet converter be used to connect to a NAS?


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Ive got a Samsung TX35r, and am wondering this.

Im about to buy a NAS drive, I know the TX35r doesnt have a ethernet port, but it does a USB port for playing stuff off USB drives.

Would it be posiible to buy something like this

And connect an ethernet cable to my NAS, and then from the Samsung scroll through the vids, music etc and play it via this?

In the end the NAS is just a hard drive on a network, Im not too up to speed on networks so I might be talking rubbish, I have an Xbox 1, with XBMC and so am also gonna connect that to the NAS for Vids etc nd was wondeing about the TX35r

hope someone can help


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Thing is, if you are about to buy a NAS drive, why not just get one with Ethernet & USB?


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as my NAS will be put up in loft out of the way, whereby the AIO is downstairs, I have an ethernet cable from loft to AIO area though

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