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tx32pm11 for £500

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by jimbob, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. jimbob


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    I 'm looking to get a 32" widescreen crt, and have found a couple of deals offering a tx32pm11 for just under £500. I've very tempted by this. I don't really want to spend much more than this. Compared to the old pprtable set I'm used to... any fancy widescreen is going to be a massive improvement. I was just wondering if anybody has had experience of this model, as I can't find any reviews about it.

    I've been into a store to have a look at one, however the store assistants were pretty uncoperative. All the sets were running through a crappy ariel feed... so it was impossible to judge how the screen would look running a nicer picture source. I have decided I prefer the 100hz pictures. I found the flicker pretty noticable on the 50hz ones.

    I'll be using it for sky digital, playstation and dvd's. This set seems to be a prettu good deal. I Just wanted to check if anyone has any experience of them.... or if there's a better deal on another 100hz 32" tv, that I've missed.
    Cheers for any help. I Want to order it this evening if possible. :clap: * ohhh.. I'm excited!! :)

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