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TX32LXD52 or 32WLT58 - which do i buy?


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After many months of deliberating on which LCD to buy, i think that i've finally made up my mind as to which one i want - however, i need that final little bit of convincing...

Originally, the one at the top of my wish list has always been the Panasonic TX32LXD500 but unfortunately it has always just been just out of my reach, budget wise. Then i hear in the pipeline that Toshiba are launching the successor to the 32WL56, the WLT58 which, spec wise, looks right up my street with its 2 x HDMI inputs and judging by other threads which i've been following with lots of interest, this also seems to be a solid performer.

With the release of the new Panasonic TX32LXD52 confusing matters even further, i felt that this one really had to be considered. The main question that i needed answering was that apart from the SD Card slot, better sound system and PC input; are the panels identical i.e. that in theory, if you place the LXD500 and the LXD52 side by side, that they would display exactly the same PQ. After reading several threads on the same subject, the general consenus is that they are indeed the same :thumbsup:
However, i really needed to hear this from the horse's mouth and was in my local Panasonic dealer today who indeed confirmed this.

I then took a stroll to John Lewis who, low and behold, only had the both the TX32LXD52 and 32WLT58 side by side! And as much as i wanted the Tosh to be the better set - the Pana seemed to have that extra bit of quality in both performance and style.
I really would prefer to have the 2 x HDMI inputs (as per the Tosh) for future use of next gen consoles and HD Sky broadcasts but i can't help but feel the Panny is the one!

Now it's over to you guys to finally convince me which one to go for. Like i say, i'm leaning towards the Panasonic, now i need to know why i should go for the Tosh. Sorry for my long-winded essay on the subject and i hope i can finally be convinced!

richard plumb

Distinguished Member
you've made your mind up. By all means come in here and make sure you haven't chosen a lemon, but if you preferred the look of the panny, then thats the right one for you.

I did like the look of the panny 500 in JL today. Very natural picture, and nicely sharp. But I also liked the tosh, but would agree that its maybe a couple of points behind.

Thats only freeview mind - HD might be different again. I'm still going toshiba for the 2xhdmi and the fact I'm choosing 37".


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BUY both lol


Po man like you I was debating the same thing, my local JL store had both side by side, and the Panny won hands down, the tosh seemed too over processed. Noticed some jaggied lines, tried playing a dvd via scart and the quality was woeful. Went to my local dealer who had the tosh 37"lcd with the tosh hdmi equipped player and again even with a hdmi connection I didn't like it. Had to order the panny and it arrives today fingers crossed.


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You have to be bit careful on the advice from some of the POSTs as some have a bias, not intentional by any means. You get those that swear the Panny or the Tosh is better than the other. In some respects it can be down to a personal preference. I suggest you read the Panny and Tosh threads they offer a lot of advice on how get the best out of either and in most cases solutions to problem mentioned above. Reading both threads myself I recon that you hard pushed to get an unacceptable picture on either. Don’t get lead down the garden path trying to obtain a perfect blemish free picture, you won’t get it in this segment of the market (budget). Virtually all have some minor problem and in most cases you wouldn’t notice it unless somebody actual pointed it out.

So my advice is look for the best deal, either price or a good warranty.

Myself I’ve ordered the WLT58 as it was at a keen price verses performance/features and it comes in 37”. Contrary to what’s said above produces excellent results as does the LX52 if set up correctly and used with good leads! Rarely if ever will you see a setup of LCD TV’s in a shop (JL included) that can be used for a fair comparison, I know I've done the rounds.


I would have to agree with your view ase001, it is a matter of personal preference. I chose the Panny based upon the performance of what was setup in JL running the same tv aerial feed, and the other shop setup.
I received my Panny yesterday and I am simply blown away by the picture quality.

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