TX200 SCART RGB Sync lead


I've now got a SCART -> component RGB lead for my TX200 to drive it from my freeview box, but I didn't realise that you also need the sync connected to the composite input. This is rather annoying, as it means I now have to use up both scart sockets on my freeview box, just to use composite from one as the sync lead.

Can anyone think of any neat solution to avoid wasting two scarts? I suppose a splitter may be required...

The Fatty

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? that sounds wrong. a scart to RGBsync lead has 4 wires coming out of it, red/green/blue/yellow. what you have sounds more like a scart to component cable. or the RGB is sending the sync info down one of the RGB paths, in which case you dont need to use the yellow at all...


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My PJ takes RGBs input - it came with a SCART > 4 phono adapter (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) and a 1m 4xphono lead.
I needed a lot more length so I'm using 2 pairs of heavy duty audio leads (20m each).

You should be able to find the right adapter and pair it with a 4x phono lead.

Or Profigold do SCART>RGBs leads - for example here (not a recommendation for the supplier as I've never used them).
http://www.tvcables.co.uk/ search for RGBS - they have an adaptor or 2 lengths of lead a direct link didn't work.

You should be able to sell on the lead you've bought in the classifieds here for a minimal loss.
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