TX-SR805 ???? does this amp support 3D TVs with its 1.3a Hdmi Support ????


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ONKYO TXSR805 Video Review << UK >> AVLAND Onkyo TX-SR805 Home Cinema Dolby True HD & DTS HD Master Audio Receiver

Thats the amp my brother has and he is planning on getting a 3d tv this Christmas but the problem is im not sure if his amp will let him watch 3d movies

for instance it will be like this

or if that does not work
3D PLAYER - TV then 3D PLAYER TOSLINK OUT to AMP for sound ?

will the 3d picture and sound work via his AMP ????? will the 3d work and the sound through his 5.1 speakers.

Bit worried cause if it does not he is going to ditch getting a 3d TV.
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It looks like i need this bluray 3d player if i want to get the HD format sounds when watching 3d movies via my 1.3a hdmi receiver

any other suggestions ?

My brother has also just bought this 3d TV deal from CheapElectricals.co.uk - First for new Technology

Panasonic TXP46GT30B 46" 3D Plasma TV tx-p46gt30:txp46gt30

all in all not a bad deal just over £1079
FREE 3D Glasses TWIN PACK TYEW3D3ME (medium)
FREE Cheapelectricals Screen Cleaner
FREE Gold plated 1.8m HDMI cable Normally
FREE Narnia 3D Film
1 year Membership included
With 5 years parts and labour TV warranty

Panasonics latest 3rd generation glass`s aswell :D


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I made the mistake of buying the DMP-BDT300EG 3D Player when it came out (Over £450 then!) for that very reason to partner my Onkyo 875 (essentially the same as an 805), only to find it does not work as advertised! If you have HDMI from the Amp. to the TV & then put one HDMI from the player to Amp. & another from player to TV the signal get messed up in the process & does not work.

Yes you can use optical from the player but you miss out on the HD sound formats. The solution in my case was to remover the HDMI from the Amp. to the TV & use component as I only needed it for seeing the GUI as the Amp. was not used at all for upscaling. :)


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SO basically once i get the amp setup correctly i can just basically have the hdmi from the player to the tv and from the player to the amp and do it that way making sure there is no hdmi cable from the amp to the tv ? right ?


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Yes that's correct, sorry not been online for a while!

But if you want to be able to see the GUI of the Amp. on screen you will need to connect via component or just plug in HDMI when you need to make any adjustments. :)

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