TX SR577 component connection/audio help

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:lesson: Hi,
I've just got the TX SR577 and i'm having difficulty setting up the component connections.
I have my Wii connected via component 1 ( set to AUX ) and PS2 connected via component 2 (set to PORT ). Where should i connect the red and white audio plugs for each of them so when i press AUX/PORT input on the remote i get both sound and picture at the moment i just get picture ??
Thank you

PS stay by your computers because i have a feeling i may be asking lots more questions :suicide:


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Each of the stereo connections will be labelled, connect to the same name you have assigned the component to. However I have a feeling the Aux connection will be on the front, so you may want to reassign the component to something else, I'm also unsure if there is actually a selection called PORT.

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