TX-SR393 - subwoofer issues


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Hi all

my sub volume is VERY low having set up my kit in a new house, where it was working fine. I have to have the sub on max to get any kind of bass out of it. I normally have it set to 5 (12 o'clock) and get plenty out of it.

TX-SR393, Tannoy200 fronts with Mordaunt Short Alumni 9 (bass) & 5 (centre) speakers.

I have configuration set to 3.1, fronts and centre set to 60Hz & 80Hz crossover (as dictated by the setup mic), with 'LPF of LFE' at 120Hz. I can set speakers to "Full Band" & turn double bass on for more bass, but still very little comes from the subwoofer, it's all in the fronts/centre, with the bass speaker still on max. Plus I know this isn't the optimal configuration for getting lows from the sub.

Single coax cable from Preout/subwoofer (6) on the SR393 into the R of the subwoofer. Never had an issue before, so not sure what to try next. New cable perhaps?

Any ideas anyone? Thank you in advance


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