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TX-P50G20BA USB HDD, but not buffalo?


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This is my first post on here...... (have been reading for ages)... I have had my tv for almost a year now, and am finally getting around to using all the features.

But for this particular post i would like to know what people are currently using as a USB HDD to record to and whether or not it has an external power source.

I have recently purchased an iomega 500GB drive (link) but it does not seem to work.
It registers fine, once setup is completed it shows it as status/connect as yes and also it states that mode can be used for recording and rewind of live tv.

I know the panasonic site states that only the buffalo can be used, but there can not be something so unique about that or something hardcoded into the firmware of the screen? or is it???

As the title suggests the TV i have is a Panasonic TX-P50G20BA and the firmware is the latest (software version is 2702-1000).

Any help would be really appreciated.

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