TX-P42G10B HDMI audio input


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I have a TX-P42G10B which I'm trying to understand why I'm not getting audio from it over hdmi when inputting anything other than stereo.

All my av kit is connected via spdif to my amp, but I decided there were times I wanted to not have to use the amp and playback the audio thru the tv speakers where the devices (media pc, ps3, xbox, dvd player) are connected via hdmi.

Taking the PS3, if I select any audio output option other than pcm stereo then the tv plays nothing. I know the ps3 can simultaneously output different audio over spdif and hdmi which is great, but not all my devices can do that, the ps3 is just a convenient way to see and replicate the issue.

I keep forgetting that HDMI is a two-way thing, and both the PS3 and media pc
only give stereo sound options when conneted to the tv.

So, it sounds like this tv cannot accept anything other than stereo over an hdmi connection. Is this correct?




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