TX-P42G10 or TH-42PX80

I have the chance of either a FREE TH-42PX80 or a TX-P42G10 that will cost me around £180!

Now px80 is only 720p but the g10 is full definition, which one would be the better choice.

I play a fair amount of HD but mainly SD, i also use xbox and ps3 alot.

Would the extra money warant the extra definition from the full HD on the g10


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I had a PX80, the G10 has better PQ, blacks are far deeper too(a mate has the G10). Only problem is the G10s black level may rise a lot over time. Another mate has the G15 and his rose, though not as bad as some members sets. My mates G10 seemed fine lat time I looked. I was very dissapointed with my PX80, Dull image with grey blacks and bad IR. My V20 and now my GT30 are miles better. Can you get a G20? less likely to get the rising black level, or maybe a new S30/G30? great deal on the ST30 at Comet.
Thanks for the info on the g10 scooby. The problem is, I was ready to pull the trigger on the gt30 but circumstances have stopped me for now. It's going to early next year maybe a little longer before I can get it now. So this px80 is coming from my parents as they have just bought a 46GT30 after telling about it!! So this is sort of an in between gap filler from my 32lxd70 until I can get the gt.
Is there a big difference between the gt30 and st30
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Depends what you want the set for really. If its just a case of waiting a few months to get the GT30 Id accept the PX80 for now:smashin:. Both sets are in the review section, best to take a look there and on the Panasonic UK site. The main differances are in black level, picture controls styling, the GT has freesat and you can record via USB. PQ wise the GT30 is better but you need to see both sets ideally to see for your self how much.

Both the ST and GT30 are better than the G10 or G20.

Word of warning though, stock will start to get low around Feb-March time.

If you dont have the money in time, or prices dont drop enough the ST is a very good set, Comet have it for £550 at the moment. Times are hard, if I hadnt got my GT30 when I did Id likely have a G30 in front of me.
Really G30 over ST30? Money is the issue here tbh and i really set my heart on the gt30 but if i go ST30 i could stretch to a 46"

£550 is that for the 42" that's a very good price! i'm very tempted scooby :smashin:

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