TX-NR626 - Virgin TV(TIVO) / TV but no surround working.

Ok so this isn't so much a problem with equipment its more a set-up issue.

2 days ago i unplugged the AV / Virgin Box (TIVO) and TV as we were doing some decorating.
Stupidly i didn't photograph or note what went where, and in the heat of things not working how i thought they went together i think i've managed to change some settings for the SAT input or somehow managed to turn off the surround output. The Onkyo remotes can be quite a mission i'm finding. I set it up months
ago as it was a cheap purchase to fill in some time before Onkyo start shipping new stuff (whenever that might be :) I did find that the actual setup that worked involved the Tivo going direct to the TV and the AV with Optical linking. It worked however i did it (which i can't remember)

So far i have had the picture working and no sound. Then the Sound but no picture, this was through quite a tangled re-arrangment whilst changing things on the remote. So i'm pretty sure i've messed it up and in the process scrambled whatever set-up i had that was the right one.

Does this sound formiliar to anyone. Any chance of a diagram guide to what i actually need to attach to where please? and any settings i need to change / check for inputs. I'm a bit new to the remote set-up, i've lost my thread somewhat.

Is it possible that the AV amp has reset itself when i unplugged it? It's very odd, i really don't think its reset everything.

please anyone, watching stuff with TV sound is just insulting (to myself and in general) and the entire human race.

need the AV back

thanks and i look forward to hearing from you


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