TX-L42E30B vs TX-P42G30B vs KDL40HX723


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Hello again!

So I have come to the conclusion that I am not interested in 3D and would prefer if possible to spend around £600-800 absolute max on a new TV with a good 5 year warranty and stonking 2D performance.

I have reservations over Plasma as I play FIFA and COD a lot, watch a lot of films with blacks bars, am always on Sky Sports and Sky Sports News and don't 100% trust the fiancee! I haven't discounted Plasma entirely though, but I am put off by these reports of fan noise, general power consumption/heat and IR (which is annoying rather than a deal breaker I admit).

TV use will be:

HD channels 75% (of which Sport 40%, Movies 30%, Drama 30%)
Gaming 20%
SD channels 5%

Of the above three models I have found the TX-L42E30B for £600 with a 5 year warranty, the TX-P42G30B for £640 with 5 year warranty and the KDL40HX723 for £600 (after Sony rebate) with 5 year warranty. I know the last one is a 3D set, but at that price, I think it's a steal for 2D performance and it does provide the future option of 3D if I buy glasses.

I just can't justify £980 on the GT30B unfortunately when I don't really care about 3D. Is the picture £340 better than the G30B?!!!!!!

Anyone own these sets, anyone have any opinions? I am here to be convinced. My heart says Sony as I trust their kit. My head says Panasonic Plasma, but then the fear sets in and I think Panny LED!!!!!! :)


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Ok, so Trusted Reviews seems to rule out the Panny LCD LED TV.

Down to the Sony vs the Panny as ever!

40" vs 42"
LCD LED Edge vs NeoPDP
3D ability vs 2D Only
£600 vs £638


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Haha, not at all! Why's that?!

I just tend to examine HDTV Test, Tech Radar and Trusted Reviews when making a big purchase, as well as others of course. The knowledge on these forums is usually the swayer though!:thumbsup:

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