tx-55as740 power issue?


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My 2017 TX-55AS740B has decided to stop coming on, I switch on with either remote or on the tv, the screen flashes 3 times and then a red blinking light appears bottom left on the screen frame.
Is it repairable, I've got the back off to reveal 3 pc boards, but cant see anything obvious. looks like a powerboard, no noticeable damaged components, the input/output board hdmi etc and a smaller board which looks like the screen control??
Any options or parts database available?


You need to count the number of times red blinking light flashes then google it. There are different numbers of flashes depending on the fault.
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It might be the PSU, but my model has the led drivers on the same board, so will have a hunt round on youtube, many thanks
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See if you can track down a service manual for your TV online. I got mine from the manualslib site, IIRC. The service manual will include a power LED blinking chart to help with fault-finding.

The red LED will flash a certain number of times, then pause and repeat. You need to count the number of flashes between pauses - it's normally between 1 and 15 or so.
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1 blink every 4 seconds is a panel SOS so it's likely a component in the screen or the panel itself that is the culprit.
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