TX-32PD30 - £999 (5yr waranty) from House of Fraser


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House of Fraser have a mid-season sale on....

Just picked up a 32" Panny PD30 for £999 including 5 yr Waranty :thumbsup:

Usual price is $1499 at HoF and best I've seen elsewhere online, with std waranty is c £1150

Ordered from Oxford St branch - 0870 160 7258



as mentioned before i thought the deal was so good i picked up two...now just have to wait for panasonic to deliver to hof

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Just spoken to the Edinburgh store.

They have the 32" for £999 and the 36" for £1399. This is only until tomorrow, the price will then change to £1299 and £1799.

In a quandry, just missed out on a Phillips 36PW9618 for £934 with Digital Direct. Would prefer a 36" but can I justify the extra £400?

I've looked at the 32PW9308 but don't like the screen surround, looks too 'cheap'.

I've got until tomorrow am to make my mind up, I'm just about to pick up an AE300 tomorrow too so the pocket is hurting.


I am not sure whether i would pay £400 for the 36inch...999 for the 32 inch sounds like a better deal....you can use the spare cash for a home cinema system.


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After reading this post I've just gone and ordered myself a 32 pd30. There's no way that I would have paid their original price though, pre sale they wanted £1499. Like John Lewis they offer the five year guarantee as well. With the saving made I decided to pay the extra 30 notes and have the delivery and installation, it saves me messing around with it as it's one heavy mother!

The sales guy in the Bristol branch did advise me that House of Fraser are completely out of stock on the 32 so will have a few weeks wait, which suits me as I want my lounge carpet laid before my box comes.

Anyway looking forward to upgrading from my 21" Fidelity that cost £150 from Safeway.
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