Two white cowboys....



Can anyone remember what this film was: It is a western with a town being terrorised by bad cowboys so they hire a 'white' cowboy (just starting to spot the racism as I type) to protect themselves. All is going well until the baddies hire another white cowboy to counter the town's one. Anyone remember the title please?



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Don't know the film but this a very cliched plot that has been used in several Westerns.

What is the relevance and meaning of a 'white' cowboy?


I have no idea, but whilst you all are thinking about it, I once saw an exert of a cowboy film with no horses:eek: , and it showed the cowboys in midair as if the had a horse under them, there also was a stagecoach being pulled along but nothing was there. I never saw the film or heard of it since. (Could it have been a short?)

I’ve heard of the invisible man but not the invisible horses.

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