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Nov 16, 2005
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My Sky TV contract is just coming to an end, and to renew is getting expensive.

As I already get broadband from Virgin, I am considering taking V360 and a second mini box for multi room.

I like all my AV kit located together in a cupboard, and it is then piped around the house via HDMI or CAT6.

Each TV location has a Harmony remote and Ethernet IR sender to take the remote signals to the AV cabinet.

If I have both Virgin boxes together, can I set them to respond to different IR code sets, similar to how you could with the old Sky boxes? Or will both boxes only respond to one set of commands?

thanks in advance
Can’t help with the boxes but your not trying hard enough with sky , what have they offered you to stay with them ?
Thanks for your response. Yes, I intend to talk to Sky again, but first I want to be sure I’ll be happy with moving to Virgin, and that it could work well in my AV setup.

That way I can play harder in the negotiation, as ultimately, I know I’d be prepared to walk.

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