Two Towers Just booked tickets


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Wooo Hoooo

Just booked tickets to see TTT in Milton Keynes Not being advertised yet

Apparently they have a running time of 199 mins!!!!!!!!!

Wed 18th can't come soon enough.


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What a traumatic 30 minutes it's been. Just had a look at the Odeon booking page and there it was, advance bookings for TTT.

Panic!. It was 10:00AM and the lines had been open over half an hour. Phone up to find myself 57th in the queue. But the calls were handled very smoothly and within 6 minutes I have secured 4 Mid-Stool tickets for the 3:40PM performance on Wednesday 18th December, at Leicester Square Odeon.

What makes it even more of a result is the fact that it's my birthday that day!

I'm so excited, it's like being 10 again. Thank you Mr jackson.

Rambo John J

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I'll wait til after Xmas and drift in towards the end of January. By then an afternoon show will be less than half full. Nice.

It's only a movie, after all;)


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Runtime was only ;-) 179mins 50 secs
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