Two specific problems (HT-D4500/5500)


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Hello gents,

Two specific questions that unfortunately due to Samsung UK support being closed and US support basically telling me to fudge off I've had to pester you with.

Both of these apply to my parents, who I'm not seeing until Xmas eve so I've not been able to try anything in person.

1) Can the HT-D4500 unit be swapped with the unit from a HT-D5500 and still use the same speakers? Samsung US told me they are 'specific speakers', but I'm not sure if they mean unit wise or connector wise? If so, is it possible to get the D5500 receiver on its own without getting it second hand/refurbed (i.e. with a warranty)

2) The HT-D4500 isn't 3D ready. If a Tivo box with 1.4 cable records a 3D program, transports it via the cable through the box, through another 3D capable HDMI to a 3D capable TV can the signal still be displayed in 3D? Can a none 3D player transfer a 3D signal without bottlenecking, even if it can't play 3D itself? My parents said they watched something in 3D this way but I'm guessing it's just the TV setting it a 2D source to 3D.

Thanks in advance,

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