Two Sources into one set of main speakers???


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Feb 8, 2004
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Hi does anyone know how best to do this?

I have a 5 way surround speaker setup already installed which was run off my main HI FI amp running front speakers and a seperate dolby prologic system decoder /amp running centres & rears.

Have just upgraded from prologic decoder and bought a 5.1 & DTS enabled receiver. ( Thinking about SKY+ and better use of DVD audio) Not many decoder boxes about these days far outnumbered by all in one receivers.

The receiver is much better for movies effects but not as good as my HI Fi amp for pure music e.g CDs records etc. :lesson:

Can I get a switch box so that i can run the same front speakers from both the Hi Fi AMP & also the AV Receiver.

(I assume Front Speaker or either sorce would be damaged if both AMP and Receicer Front Speaker outs were connected together and run to speaker bingiong posts??? :suicide:)

Switch would need the appropriate switch box to be able to cope with high power up to 100watt RMS


QED do a bridge switch (2 pairs 1 amp) but only as part of their WALLMOUNT range so i don't know how practical it is.
Unfortunately they dropped the external box but if you can find one it's exactly what you need.
You could prbably stick it in a wall box and make your own switch box from the wallmount version.

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