Two Sky+ Boxes in the same room....!

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by ani4ani, Jul 7, 2004.

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    As the title states I have just bought a second V2 Sky+ box, to act as a second receiver with a few additional features etc. I currently use an Amstrad '200 in this role at the moment. I have been planning to do this for some time, and now I suddenly remember why I didn't do it earlier!

    I originally purchased the Amstrad as a normal "Sky" box so that the infra-red signals didn't interfere, now I have just realised that two Sky+ [V2's] in the cabinet are going to react to the same signal..Bah!

    Anyone got any neat ideas on how to overcome this?

    thx in anticipation
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    I don't know about neat but I've got two in the same room. I have put some foil around a card and then secured this to the front of the box using tape. I found this was the only foolproof way to stop any remote signals from finding their way to the sensor. It's not pretty but it is effective.

    I then ran a remote eye from the rf2 socket to the side of my sofa. I've enclosed the eye in an old bog roll tube to keep out the signals when I'm using the original sky+. It's then just a matter of pointing the remote at the end of the tube for one and at the tele for the other. Watch out for stray signals though. My tube is attached to a sideboard and this blocks any stray signals from getting to the wrong box.

    If anyone has a better way I'd been very interested in it!


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